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Clermont Music is an effort to support musicians from the Sahara Desert in Northern Mali by touring, recording and presenting their music to the World.

Khaira Arby

Clermont Music was proud to present Khaira Arby of Timbuktu Mali to worldwide audiences.  With her garage band rock backup, she reached contemporary ears both at home and abroad.

Sadly, Khaira passed away in August 2018. Numerous tributes have been published about this unforgettable artist and her courage.

photo Chris Nolan

photo Chris Nolan

“The stuff one associates with legendary singers like Oum Kalthoum or Edith Piaf” 
The Wire, January 2014

“Powerful vocals sit center stage amidst a mélange slick guitar lines, ngoni, bass, traditional violin and potent intricate rhythms, as well as some sassy backing vocals”
TJ Nelson, World Music Central

“Raw and unschooled in the best possible way"
David Maine, Spectrum Culture

From mysterious Timbuktu, the crossroads of religions, cultures and epochs, KHAIRA ARBY sang about work, love, family, women and the toll of war.  She expressed pride in the people and potential of Timbuktu, her desert homeland.  With complex rhythms and rolling melodies, Khaira’s voice rings strong, clear and true.

Genre: desert blues, blues, World Music

Tags: Timbuktu, Tombouctou, Mali, Northern Mali, Azawad, Songhoy, Africa, female vocalist,