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Clermont Music is an effort to support musicians from the Sahara Desert in Northern Mali by touring, recording and presenting their music to the World.


First released in August 2010 by Clermont Music, Timbuktu Tarab has earned praise worldwide. Reissued in 2013, the album represents a major statement by one of Mali’s foremost artists. Named by Songlines Magazine in July 2013 as one of the 25 top albums from Mali.



Oumar Konaté’s international debut album. Recorded during the historic 2012-2013 political crisis in Mali, it represents a sound treatise on the experiences of Malians during the rebellion and coup d’etat that shattered their country. Recorded in Africa and the US, these tracks reflect contributions by several master musicians. The combination of ancient and modern instruments reveals the sophistication of the many gifted artists in Africa. Versed in tradition and connected by global media, they combine sounds in new ways expressing aspirations and ideas. Through it all Konate’s guitar shreds.

Genre: Afro-rock, blues, world

Tags: Oumar Konate, Mali, Gao, Bamako, Tounkagouna, electric guitar, Addoh

Catalog # CLE009 available on CD and digital

Reviews and Links

" Among the ever growing pantheon of Mali’s global stars. " 
Jim Hickson, SONGLINES #102

"amped-up desert blues with sizzling guitar work"

Bill Lupoletti , GLOBAL A GO-GO


1. Addoh (Tears)  - 05:19

    A young girl cries as she goes to her new home after being married to a man she doesn’t love.          

2. Bisimillah (Welcome) - 06:11

    Bismillah is the first word of the Koran. We welcome our elders and salute you for all you have done. Your     sons and daughters,     we ask you to continue to protect us.           

3. Ir Ganda Hassara (Our Country is Destroyed) - 06:07

    Everything is ruined. Our lives are shattered. Our country is destroyed. Timbuktu, Kidal, Gao, our     cities are all destroyed.

4. Henibombey (A Swindle is No Good) - 03:10

    In France you need to know how much you get for a franc or else you’ll insult your friend.  A swindle is not good.

5. Laissez Nous Tranquille (Leave Us Alone) - 04:37

    Leave us alone. We want to live in peace. You have ruined everything. Now leave us alone.

6. Maydeni (Hey, Beautiful) - 04:06

    Hey beautiful, what’s up? You know it’s you. It’s you that I want.     

7. Ma Cherie (Baby Don’t Do Me Wrong) - 05:42

    Baby, don’t go and do me wrong now when I’m away.

8. Allahidou (The Oath) - 04:35

    If you’ve been chosen as head of the village and taken an oath, live up to your promises.

9. Ayéré Yéré (Shake That Thing) - 04:31

    Hey, shake that thing and dance. You gotta have a big booty to dance good. You gotta have good     moves to dance. You gotta have a pretty behind to dance good. Shake or you’ll get disqualified!

10. Kourkoy (The Shepherd) - 04:10

    If you see a shepherd who is relaxed, you’ll know that all his animals have disappeared.           

11. Haira (Respect your Parents) - 04:51

    Friends, let’s never insult our parents. Help them. After all that they’ve done, pay attention at school so we can take care of them. 

12. Terya  (Friendship) - 04:15

    Kora and guitar Instrumental duet featuring Sidiki Diabaté.                                      

 Total Time - 58:01