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Clermont Music is an effort to support musicians from the Sahara Desert in Northern Mali by touring, recording and presenting their music to the World.

Timbuktu Tarab

First released in August 2010 by Clermont Music, Timbuktu Tarab has earned praise worldwide. Reissued in 2013, the album represents a major statement by one of Mali’s foremost female singers. Named by Songlines Magazine in July 2013 as one of the 25 top albums from Mali.

Timbuktu Tarab

Today's sounds from contemporary Africa, from mysterious Timbuktu, crossroads of religions, cultures and epochs.  With her rock band, Khaira Arby bridges cultures. She sings about work, love, family, women and the toll of war. Prepare yourself for complex rhythms and rolling melodies. Khaira's voice rings strong through it all.

A singer with power and drive, bringing to African music, a new interpretation of the diverse cultures of Timbuktu. Named a Chevalier de l'Ordre National du Mali in 2006, Khaira won the coveted Tamani Award in 2011.


Catalog #CLE005 

Reviews and Links

“The voice that emerges from this gorgeous mass has the edge of a fencing sword.”
Deanne Sole, PopMatters

”It’s hard to imagine a more original album in any style of music released this year: you’ll see this on our best of 2010 list in December.”
Lucid Cultures

"Her voice soars above the groove, establishing motifs that both the musicians and backing singers embroider".
Mark Jenkins, Washington Post


1 - GOUMOU [in Sonrhai]
A song about the Islamic religious festival, Mahoulid, which is held in April. 

2 - KHAIRA [in Sonrhai]
I am your servant and my job is to spread joy around the world with my songs. I am proud to be your servant of happiness.

3 - DJAMBA [in Tamashek and Sonrhai]
Praising the legendary ancient Touareg servant, Djaba. (a traditional dance of Timbuktu)

4 - DJA CHEICKNA [in Sonrhai]
Praises to Dja Cheickna. A beautiful girl from a good family. May she live a long life! 

5 - TIDJANI ASCOFARE [in Sonrhai]
The people from Tidjan are the best in the whole world. I praise the Tidjani for their kindness and hospitality. Crossing the whole country you meet the Tidjanis. Their praise is justly earned.

6 - WAIDIO [in Sonrhai]
A song about the anguish of women. Happiness for women is gone. In these times we cannot speak of happiness and light. Why in a country of beautiful women do men go to war?

7 - DELYA [in Tamashek]
Delya, the dancer, paralyzed each time his friends visit - Don’t forget me when I am dead and buried. I am filled with love for you, my friends. When you start to play, I am filled with happiness. 

8 - SALOU [in Arabic]
A song of prayer. I sing to Allah. I praise Allah.

9 - TARAB [in Arabic]
Our homeland! If we work together we can build our nation. Patience my brothers! Nobility and progress only come from work. Like that great Mauritanian warrior of long ago, Gawad, who though mortally wounded in battle, ignored his wounds and kept on fighting until victory, may God help us work together for our future. 

10 - FERIENE [in Sonrhai and Bambara]
A song condemning the practice of female excision.

11 - SOURGOU [in Tamashek and Sonrhai]
A praise song about the bravery, the values and the grandeur of the Tamashek people. When there is a real battle raging, you will find their camels tied up outside while the men fiercely fight. I am proud of the Touareg spirit.

12 - YOUBA [in Arabic and Sonrhai]
A song about workers returning from the salt mines, their exhaustion, hunger and thirst, and the hardships of labor in the mines.