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Clermont Music is an effort to support musicians from the Sahara Desert in Northern Mali by touring, recording and presenting their music to the World.

Akal Warled

Clermont Music presents Akal Warled the first album by IMARHAN TIMBUKTU the electric Tartit. Tuareg artists from Sahara Desert region of Mali in Africa. Desert Blues music with traditional roots.  



IMARHAN TIMBUKTU provided the grooving soundtrack at dance clubs, festivals and private parties in Timbuktu. Grounded in traditional Tuareg repertoire and poetry as members of the world reknown Tuareg traditional group, Tartit, they bring an intimate approach to Tuareg Desert Blues. Refugees since the political upheaval in  Northern Mali of 2012, they bear witness to the global political forces shattering the Sahara region. Bandleader, Mohamed Issa Ag Oumar, is backed by younger brother, Ousmane Ag Oumar and by sisters, Fadimata Walet Oumar (Disco) and Zeinabou Walet. Their is music speaks of nostalgia, loss, love, and bravely affirms a proud heritage struggling for cultural survival.

Genre: Tuareg, Desert Blues, World

Tags: Imarhan, Timbuktu, Tombouctou, Mali, Azawad, Africa, Sahara Desert, Tuareg, Tartit, refugee, M'bera  

Catalog # CLE008 available on vinyl, CD and digital.


1 - Aïcha Talamomt / Aïcha / Aïcha
Aïcha, the epitome of female beauty in the Tuareg imagination.

2 - Akal Warled / Pays étranger / A Strange Country
Exile and its penalties.

3 - Amassakoul In Ténéré / Le voyageur du désert / Desert Voyager’s Farewell
The desert traveler says a last goodbye to his loved ones. .

4 - Ehela Damohélé / Les femmes / For the Women
Ehela Damohele is in a rhythm of the Tuareg classical and epic song repertoire. The verses speak about the Woman in the nomadic tradition.

5 - Taliat Ta Silkhourout / La fille qui apaise / The Girl Who Calms
Mohamed Issa wrote this song in tribute to his niece, Mariama Walet Ali El Ansari.

6 - Taliat Malat / La noble belle fille / The Beautiful Girl
One day, while he with friends sitting at an oasis, playing the guitar, singing and drinking tea at the water's edge, Mohamed Issa sees away from the group, a young girl sitting near the pond.

7 - Tarha Tazar / l’Amour est la priorité / Love is the Priority
This song is dedicated to a young girl, a past love that constantly reappears in the artist’s memory.

8 - Tidawt / l’Union / Unity
This song evokes the misfortune of disunity among the Tuareg people.