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Clermont Music is an effort to support musicians from the Sahara Desert in Northern Mali by touring, recording and presenting their music to the World.


Clermont Music brings you the exceptional Mamadou Kelly with his band Ban Kai Na 2013 hit album “Adibar” straight from the Niger delta blues hearland.



From the heart of Mali's Niger Delta, blues legend MAMADOU KELLY brings gracious charm to this music. Having backed Ali Farka Touré and Afel Bocoum, two of Mali's greatest, as a key member of their groups, MAMADOU KELLY is a virtuoso. He represents the sophistication of Malian music. With a deceptively simple style he brings a rich, historical awareness to his composition and delivery. Supported by long-time collaborators, Alpha Ousmane "Hama" Sankare, a calabash genius heard on many historic recordings, and by Brehima "Yoro" Cisse, a djourkel (monochord) master, their music presents the best and most captivating combination of traditional and contemporary West Africa. On this disc they are joined by the young, gifted bass player Baba Traore. Their relaxed style testifies to the high level of these artists' craft.

Genre: blues, desert blues, delta blues, traditional, World

Tags: Mali, Northern Mali, Sahara Desert, Peulh, Songhoy, Bambara, Niafunke, Africa, guitar, djourkel, calabash, Ali Farka Toure, Afel Bocoum, Hama Sankare

Catalog # CLE007 available on CD and digital.

Reviews and Links

“In a year rich in good albums from Mali, “Adibar” is the best.”
Les InRocks

“...fluid, inventive, clear and absolutely precise. What a lovely band he has.”
Rick Sanders, fRoots #367 p71


1 -  Sehenon Men - 3:58
Fulani herdsmen take their animals out to pasture for see whose animals are the fattest. That is the person the young women will admire the most.

2 -  Mahindjene - 3:21
When we see someone who is poor, we shouldn’t make fun of them, because that is their destiny. When we see someone who is handicapped, we shouldn’t make fun of them or take their situation lightly, that is their destiny.

3 - Yelli - 2:33
This is a song for the Tuareg. This is a song of flattery for the Tuareg. When the Tuareg hear this song, they take their ceremonial swords out of their sheaths, and dance.

4 -  Goue ini Bongosse - 5:17
Don’t expect that someone is going to take care of you. Work hard to earn your own living. If you are in good health, don’t be a beggar.

5 -  Nansongo - 4:15
This is a song to thank people for their hard work. Men work to give money to their wives so they can prepare the food. Women work hard to prepare food for their families.

6 -  Fissa Maiga - 4:03
Once there was a poor man who was with a woman that loved him very much. Her name was Fissa Maiga. He became rich and left Fissa for another woman. In time, he spent all his money and was poor again. The other woman left him. But Fissa loved him so much that she came back even though he was poor. In the end he regretted how much he had hurt Fissa. This song praises Fissa.

7 -  Adounia - 4:50
In life, all things have their limit. Nothing is eternal. So live your life in the best way possible while you are here.

8 -  Amedje Sidjaba - 4:22
It is best to associate with good people, who have a good character and are moral. That will help you to evolve in a good way.

9 -  Bandiagara - 3:01
When you love a woman or a man, you are capable of following them all over the world for the sake of love. Nobody lives forever, so you must be willing to follow the woman or man you love everywhere they may go.

10 - Donso Foly - 4:07
All good things come to us through some amount of suffering and hard work. We must not be afraid to work hard and suffer.

11 - Salamou - 4:03
Artists should praise someone because they have worked hard and have helped humanity, not just to receive money from them. There was an old man who didn’t have money but worked hard every day in his field. He cheated no one and was not selfish. Every day he worked hard. Artists should praise him because he is a good example for young people to imitate, not someone who only offers money.

12 - Adibar - 3:56
When you go on an adventure to find work and you go somewhere and don’t have luck, then move on to another place until you find your luck.