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Clermont Music is an effort to support musicians from the Sahara Desert in Northern Mali by touring, recording and presenting their music to the World.

Imarhan Timbuktu

Clermont Music presents IMARHAN TIMBUKTU. Formed in 1993 by Mohamed Issa Ag Oumar the group has become a reference point in contemporary Tuareg desert blues music. Their songs speak of love, unity, and their Sahara Desert cultural traditions.

photo: Intagrist El Ansary

photo: Intagrist El Ansary

Imharhan, ...With a more electric, “modern” sound, ... Very well received by a sell out crowd at La Tulipe. [Montreal]”
Banning Eyre, Afropop Worldwide

Imharhan gives them (Tartit) room to stretch into new music”
Glynis Hart, Ithaca Times

a band that reflects the often experimental, fascinating Tuareg adaptation of Saharan nomad music to contemporary, fresh sounds."
Brightest Young Things blog


IMARHAN TIMBUKTU with sister group, TARTIT, bring the music of Timbuktu to world audiences. Traditional Tuareg Desert Blues developed to a unique sound influenced by music of the world. Electric guitars combine with hand drums. Lyrics speak of nostalgia, loss, love and pride. Refugees from the conflicts in West Africa and the Sahara Desert their lyrics speak of nostalgia, longing, loss, love and cultural pride.

At the Festival au Desert 2012, the Tuareg group Imharhan Tombouctou perform "Aicha Talamomt":
"In an oasis in the afternoon in the desert with a friend and a little water and the sun is setting, its sad that we cannot stop the time."